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PostSubject: Game Introduction   Game Introduction Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2008 11:41 pm

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 10th, 2009

AP - Reports are sketchy at best, but events indicate that an explosion occurred at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in nearby Middletown, Pennsylvania, at approximately 4:28pm, local time.

Initial fears of a repeat of the 1979 near-disaster at the same facility seem unfounded, as the only cooling tower affected by the disaster, which is still under investigation, is TMI-2, which has been fully decommissioned since that aforementioned incident.

Power has been out in the Harrisburg area since the event occured late this afternoon. PP&L, the local energy conglomerate, hopes to have the grid rerouted and power restored to the region late this evening.

More on this developing story as further reports come in.

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 10th, 2009

AP - With power out all across the Pennsylvania capital region, accidents have been piling up in and around Harrisburg. Stoplights all across the region have been the scenes of accidents as inattentive drivers slam on the breaks to avoid being the next car in the pile-up. Compounding this issue is the heavy snow that has been falling since just before noon today. The slick roads and the non-functional traffic lights wrought havok with the region's late-afternoon commuters.

Numerous casualties are reported throughout the area, already with several confirmed fatalities.

In addition, with power still not restored to the capital region, reports are filtering in of looting taking place in a number of different communities.

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 11th, 2009

AP - Power finally restored, the Central Pennsylvania region begins the process of sorting out the facts from the fiction regarding yesterday's explosion at the nearby Three Mile Island nuclear facility. Conflicting reports tell many different versions of yesterday's events, but all agree that Tower 2 suffered an explosion shortly before 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, which disrupted power in the surrounding area for almost 12 hours, coming back online at exactly 3:58am this morning.

Local police spent the night battling rioters and trying to sort out the tangled mess of cars and pedestrians caught up in the pandemonium of yesterday's chaotic evening rush hour. Fatalities from vehicular accidents across the area and the evening's riots are estimated to be in the low two hundreds, but that number could rise as police go about checking door-to-do for any elderly or sick that may have passed away in the night without electric heat.

Mayor Stephen R. Reed (D) has petitioned Governor Rendell (D) to declare Harrisburg a Disaster Zone for the purposes of allocating relief funding, and Rendell is expected to annouce just that in a joint press conference with Mayor Reed and executives from the Three Mile Island nuclear facility scheduled for 9:00am this morning.

1/11/2009 8:06am
Holy shit! The hole goddammed world is ending i think. Theres a fuckin exsplosion at the nucular tower like 5 mins away yesterday, the fuckin snow won't stop fallin, and weve got no fuckin power at the house for like 12 hours or some shit. WTF? Prob some fuckin towelhead or something blowing himself to shit on the tower. U watch theyll have this fuckers picture on the news in no time. NEways, gotta shower. School's cancelled but my asshole boss calld me into work. PIMA that dude is.
- blog post on LiveJournal.com

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 11th, 2009

AP - In a sparsely attended press conference, Pennslyvania Governor Edward G. Rendell, Harrisburg city Mayor Stephen R. Reed, and Director of Facility Operations of Three Mile Island Joseph McCandry addressed the harrowing series of events that took place in the Harrisburg region yesterday afternoon.

Speaking first, Governor Rendell reiterated his full confidence in the efforts of the investigators at Three Mile Island and asked for all local municipalities and boroughs to offer their full assistance if called upon to the ongoing efforts at the nuclear facility. Additionally, Governor Rendell promised $4.5 million dollars for emergency relief funding to Harrisburg city and the surrounding local governments. He then yielded the microphone to Mr. McCandry who spoke at length regarding the explosion at his facility the previous day.

"It is our hope that we can get to the bottom of this as soon as possible, now that regional electrical supply has been reestablished," stated McCandry. "Our most pressing concern is public health and well-being, and it is to that end that I address you today. We at TMI stress that we don't know all the facts yet, but we assure the public that we are working closely with all local law enforcement in determining who is responsible for this act, and what the long-term effects, if any, of this unfortunately incident are. What we do know now, is that someone detonated a device at TMI-2, a deactivated tower, drained and filled with solid concrete almost 30 years ago. No one was injured in the resulting blast, but local electrical service was interrupted. The investigation is on-going, and regretfully, nothing more can be said at this time."

Mr. McCandry then left the podium, and was ushered out of the conference room. The governor and mayor remained behind to answer questions.

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 11th, 2009

AP - Police bomb specialists have confirmed that an explosive device was detonated on the southern slope of Three Mile Island's TMI-2, officially ruling out the possibility that the explosion yesterday was a result of oversight or accidental mishap. The identity or identities of those responsible for the blast, and any details on how such a device could have been detonated, or to what purpose were not released as of this time.

1/11/2009 6:06pm

So get this shit...i get to work and that fat bastard Joe who thinks he's the fuckin king just because he's my goddamn boss has me stockin dairy in the back of the store. Ya, like neone's comin into the fuckin store for milk n eggs wit the roads clogged up with cars n snow n shit. Wutever. NEway, i'm back there n i overhear these dudes talkin about this guy who worked back at TMI or somethin who came home from work, fuckin dies in his sleep. His wife wakes up, finds the dude dead right? Fuckin WRONG. She gets up, calls the 911 or somethin n an ambulance comes out to their place. They throw the dude in teh back since hes already dead n shit n they take him to the morgue or whatever. Bag em n tag em. he's in a fuckin bag on a slab. HE FUCKING RIPS HIS WAY OUT, GRABS THE FUCKING ORDERLy N EATS THE FUCKER. Fuckin nurse runs liek shit out of the morg n calls the fuckin po-po. They cum n shoot the dude. Full of bullets. AND HE KEEPS COMING. Fuckin dawn of the dead, man. Christ.
- blog post on LiveJournal.com

"Yo! Is anyone out there? You gotta fucking help me! I don't have a cell phone, and there's fuckin people clawing at the cab of my truck! I'm stuck on I-83 South. I've been here for over 24 hours, and I need help! I drive a maroon tanker truck for Shell Oil. My license plate number is BCR-9904 New York State. My name is Bob Sand...Robert Sanders. Oh shit...the ones got a hunk of metal sticking out of it! What the hell is going on? SOMEONE HELP ME! SOMEONE...OH GOD. OH GOD, NO! NOOOOOOOO..."
- CB radio transmission sent at 11:17pm, January 11th, 2009

Dateline: Harrisburg, PA
January 12th, 2009

AP - Bizarre reports of the walking dead are filtering into police all throughout the Harrisburg region. In the wake of the explosion at Three Mile Island two days ago, the lack of reliable information, and the general hysteria that has struck the region in the last few days, the police have passed off these reports as unreliable at best, and are directing all of their efforts towards the ongoing investigation at TMI-2, and to helping those still digging out from the heavy snowfall and the prolonged denial of electrical service in the region.

Regardless, large numbers of people are migrating down the interstates and onto the side streets of the area. In what can only be described as further looting, houses and business are being broken into by these wayward pedestrians.

1/12/2009 10:23am
Yo! Dawn of the fuckin DEAD, dudes! It's for real. Some crazy shit musta come out of that tower that exploded the other day, cuz some crazy nucular shit is going down. There's dead bodies on the fuckin TV WALKING AROUND. Dudes with arms missing...dudes without legs fuckin crawling along. My dad's got a fuckin shotgun he gave me, an he's got 2 fuckin .357s he's loading up right now. he says that if any of these undead bastards attaks the house were openin fire. LOCK n LOAD, fuckers! Lock n mutherfuckin load. Moms freakin out, cryin and shit. I say we throw her the thirdy ott six and we all go fuckin alamo on there asses.
-blog post on LiveJournal.com

"All you zombies show your faces... (I know you're out there)"

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Game Introduction
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