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 Collected Works of St. Arestides Matoropoli

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Collected Works of St. Arestides Matoropoli Empty
PostSubject: Collected Works of St. Arestides Matoropoli   Collected Works of St. Arestides Matoropoli Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 12:39 pm

What follows are excerpts from a number of St. Arestides collected works.

The End Times of Man
"The Archangel Uhriel [sic] appeared unto the masses holding a sword of blazing fire and thus he spoke: 'Thy Lord God hath commanded me to place my sword into the hands of his true believers, beseeching them to slay the unrighteous amongst you, and they shall be reborn unto new forms, forever damned to walk to the many lands of the earth, unable to join unto him in the Heavenly realm.'"

"The newly born shall inhabit the places of the old, taking over all things in their way, leaving no man, woman, or child safe. And the righteous need not fear, for faith shall set them free from fear, and deliver them to their good Lord's side."

On Faith and the Desires of the Divine
"[God] seeks all men to join to him in true faith, true love, and true unity. All the tribes of the world must hear His true word, or all are doomed to an eternity of earthly burden. Only those who pass unto death before the great judgment begins can hope to find the peace of Heaven, or the Fires of Hell. And I tell you this, the Fires of Hell shall be as a balm compared unto the misery that awaits this world."

The Jealousy of the Dead
"The dead amongst you shall crave that which the living have - communion with God. They shall rise up, and devour the living in a great tide of wanting. But be not afraid oh people of righteousness. Ye shall live with Him above, and the dead shall not touch you. Only the weak, corrupted souls who succumb to the lusts and evils of this world shall be consumed. But even in this time of evil repentance is near! You need but cry out to the one true God, and the dead will be destroyed in his radiance."

"All you zombies show your faces... (I know you're out there)"

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Collected Works of St. Arestides Matoropoli
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